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The Best Wine of the World competition 2017

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BWW is the largest and most important wine competition in the world in terms of amount of wines, consumers and professionals.


The Best Wine of the World competition 2017



The Best Wine of the World competition 2017



The competition can be entered through a sign-up form on the BWW website and by paying the entrance fee either online or by invoice. It is possible to withdraw wines from the competition or chosen categories during the voting period, but the entrance fee is nonrefundable. BWW is not responsible for sign-up forms that are filled in incorrectly.

Wines can be also signed up for the competition on stand in Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017.

All wines entered for the competition must be produced partly or entirely from grapes by fermentation. Non-vintage wines are allowed.

All wines entered for the competition must be for sale during the year 2018 at the latest. For the competition wines participate by name and vintage between 2008 and 2017 (Champagnes between vintages 2004 and 2012, Port and Madeira wines between vintages 1992 and 2010).

The wine does not need to be on the market internationally, it is sufficient that they are for sale in at least one market area.

Wines entering the competition must be commercial and their minimum production volume must be at least 600 bottles. The finalist bottles are to be delivered in a bottle size of 37.5cl, 75cl, or 150cl. The producer is responsible for the delivery costs and taxes of the finalist wines.

Producers are only allowed to use the BWW medal on wines that have received the BWW certificate.

Results & Promotion

The results will be published on Extensive press releases will be issued worldwide announcing all the winners.

The World’s leading fine wine magazine (FINE) publishes a worldwide special edition on the competition, and it will be delivered, among others, to all voters and professionals who took part.

Receiving an award entitles producers to use the BWW symbol in the marketing of the awarded wine.

BWW - Gold Medal

The Best Wine of the World competition 2017



The Best Wine of the World competition 2017


10 Best reason Why should You participate in the BWW competition?

1. The only wine competition in the world where consumers join wine professionals to select the best wines. 2. During the competition your wine receives recognition from the millions of wine lovers and thousands of wine professionals on Tastingbook 3. You reach the thousands of trade-buyers of Tastingbook who buy billions of euros worth of wine each year. 4. You get worldwide visibility for your wines for at least the duration of the competition. 5. If your wine reaches the finals it will be appraised by wine professionals in different parts of the world. 6. The best wines of the competition get visibility and an introduction on and in the world’s leading magazine of fine wines – the FINE Wine Magazines. 7. Each wine that enters the competition and receives at least ten votes is entitled to use the Officially Selected by The Best Wine of the World Competition symbol in marketing materials and bottles. All wines that reach the finals receive the Best Wine of the World – Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. 8. There are no costs for entering the competition other than the entrance fee. 9. True to its name, the BWW competition selects THE BEST WINES IN THE WORLD. Being chosen as the world’s best wine in different categories of the competition is a significant tool for marketing, sales, and communications. 10. The sign-up process for the BWW competition is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable in the business.


The Best Wine of the World competition 2017

BWW Competition Q&A

How does the competition work?

The BWW competition is a unique worldwide wine competition. Millions of customers around the world together with thousands of wine professionals, select the finalist wines, which are then judged by professionals around the world. BWW is the largest wine competition in the world, by any measure – number of wines, involvement of consumers and the number of judges.

The competition is carried out in two phases. In the first phase consumers and professionals appraise wines in a natural tasting environment, i.e. at home, with friends, in restaurants, etc. and gives votes to wines in the competition. During the voting period people can vote for their favorite wines on, Facebook, or Instagram.

In the second phase twenty wines moves to the finals in the each gatecory. Consumers have chosen 10 of them by voting and tastingbook’s over 6000 wine professionals have chosen other 10 finalist. In the finals only wine professionals appraise the wines by category. All of the wines in the finals are tasted blind. Producers are asked to send samples for appraisal of only those wines that reach the finals. The finals are held on three continents: Australian and New Zealand wines in Australia, European wines in Europe, and wines of Americas in the United States.

The first voting phase begins on Jul 31, 2017. Producers can enter their wines for the competition up until July 30, 2017. Participants can sign up at or at the Tastingbook stand in Bordeaux Vinexpo 2017. At this stage producers do not need to send in any wine samples.

Who is behind the BWW

BWW has been created by two leading medias in its field.

- The World’s leading Fine Wine magazines - FINE Magazines, who publish wine magazines in Scandinavia, Europe, USA, India and Australia. FINE is also publishing the world’s only Champagne Magazines and Wine investing magazine.

-, the world largest wine information source. Tastingbook started in 2015 and have today over million pages of wine information and around 1.5 millions visitors in every month. Over 6000 wine professionals from 75 countries are keeping it updated. Tastingbook will also be the voting platform for BWW.

Why votes?

We think it is important that millions of consumers around the world join thousands of experts to choose the best wines of the world. Voting for wines is simple and easy.

Where can you vote for wines?

Every wine that enters in BWW competition, will get an own wine page in Tastingbook where the wine can be voted. The wine will also get votes in Tastingbook every time wine is tasted and scored in the by Tastingbook professionals. Professionals points are converted into the votes. The wine can be voted also in Facebook and Instagram.

Who votes for the wines?

Any Internet user on any device can vote for wines. alone has over 1.5 million monthly users from over 110 countries. We also hope that all producers make sure their own constituent groups and wine distributors vote for their wine. The millions of readers of FINE Magazines in over 85 countries will also be activated to vote.

How are the votes counted?

In the first phase of the competition the participating wines are voted for by name and vintage. While selecting the finalists the votes received by each wine during the voting period are added up and 20 wines with the most votes in each category are invited for the finals.

Who are the judges?

In the first phase of the competition the judges are millions of wine consumers and professionals. In the second phase the jury consists of Tastingbook’s wine professionals, mainly wine writers, sommeliers, MW’s and winemakers.

Why are the winemakers included in jury members?

Who understands wines the best? The people who make them. That is why our juries include the people who make some of the most esteemed wines in the world.

Why don’t I have to send wines to the BWW Competition in the first phase?

Success in the competition is not based on a single appraisal event, but on the voters’ previous or current experiences of the wine in its natural tasting environment.

This makes it easy and affordable to sign up. It also ensures that all wines have equal opportunity to receive votes, and that votes are given for wines already on the market and not for samples producers send specifically for the competition.

We only ask samples for the wines that qualifies into finals.

For all wines that qualify in the finals, we ask for 4 samples of each wine to be delivered to our finals' location – in Australia, Europe or United States.

Why are we also using price categories?

We want to serve all wine consumers in the world and give them information on the best wines in each price range. We also think it is just to appraise the wines in their own price categories, just like consumers do when deciding which wine to buy.

How are the results released?

You can monitor the current standings of the wines during the voting period on, Facebook, and Instagram.The winners of the competition are announced in the BWW gala in US, on January 25, 2018. Along with the winners the wines that have reached the top 20 are awarded. Wines that placed well in the competition are awarded certificates and bottle stickers that can be ordered separately.

What happens if the competition is cancelled?

If the competition is cancelled due to reasons dependent on the organizer the entrance fee will be refunded in total. If the competition is cancelled due to reasons not dependent on the organizer the organizer is not obligated to refund the entrance fee.


The Best Wine of the World competition 2017


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The Best Wine of the World competition 2017